Film by Luke Rance -



“how very nice to meet you, my wonderful sky, it feels as if it has been so long”

“ah yes, dear mountain, i’m glad we could finally interlace, rejoice together”

“it felt like the clouds would never quite pass, i’ve been waiting such a while”

“oh, but wasn’t it worth the wait, my dear”

Synthetic, neon accents are peppered throughout a disrupted neutral palette in the graduate collection from Jo Rance, entitled ‘Where the Mountain meets the Sky’ (SS20).

Where the Mountain meets the Sky’ (SS20) comprises visual inspiration collected from English National Parks, such as the Peak District and Lake District. Focused on conceptual notes of quintessentially British etiquette, a playful narrative personifies both the Mountain and the Sky as characters of their own. The collection surrounds itself around the whimsical tale of these two entities meeting one another, once the clouds have finally cleared.

Literary influence is introduced through the poetry and musings of William Wordsworth, with particular reference to his work 'I wandered lonely as a cloud' (1804). Emphasis on linear Mountain skylines, British Wildflowers, and panoramic landscapes can be noted throughout the collection, amongst both hand woven, Jacquard woven, and digitally printed fabrics. A trio of hand woven Organza Pussybows are central to the story.